Tsundoku Bingo

If you’re anything like me, you have quite a few books on your TBR pile. Personally, I have books here there and everywhere. And at last count, although not yet complete, I have about 100 books that have yet to be read. So, if I read one book a month it would take a minimum of 8 years to get through my TBR pile. But here’s the problem I keep buying books and therefore the TBR pile keeps growing.

And since I have an insatiable need to buy books with good intentions to read them, I thought I would start Tsundoku Bingo. In case you’re not familiar with the term here’s the definition

So for this bingo we are going to jump into our pile of books feet first and get to reading like the book worms we are.

The Rules:

♦ There will be a new bingo board every quarter:

  • January/February/March
  • April/May/June
  • July/August/September
  • October/November/December

♦ You know how bingo works – get 5 across, horizontal, or diagonal or if you want just work your way through the board during the quarter

♦ Sorry, only one book per square

♦ Don’t have a blog. No problem. Just read and come back to the Update post weekly to let us know how you’re coming along

♦ And yes the books you read for bingo can go towards any other reading challenge you’re doing