Blogging 201 – My Blogging Goals

I signed up for WordPress’ Blogging 201. I keep saying that I’m going to whip this blog into shape and by golly, I’m going to do it. I’ve done a lot of revamping and overall I’m pretty happy with the way it’s turning out.

Here are my three most immediate goals

Stick to my blogging schedule. I have a blogging schedule, which is quite doable; but I just haven’t been consistent with it. So, for next year my number one goal is to become a more consistent blogger.

  • Top Ten Tuesday
  • Wednesday’s Lyrics
  • The Friday 56
  • The 2nd and 4th Saturday post a review

Promote and get 5 to 10 participants for Wednesday’s Lyrics by December 31st. I started Wednesday’s Lyrics because I thought it was a good idea. Actually, I still do and again consistency is my issue nor have I promoted it.

Write Reviews that don’t sound so academic-like. As a former Literature major and English teacher, I always find myself struggling with writing review that sounds like I’m writing a reach paper versus a review that will encourage someone to read it.

So these are my three immediate goals.

Wednesday’s Lyrics – ‘Silent Night’ by The Temptations

So, it’s that time of year again.


And again, I’m in a bah humbug kind of mood until I hear The Temptations version of Silent Night. This is the absolute best version and I mean the absolute best. Not my opinion, it’s a fact. 😃

A lot of us are familiar with Silent Night we sing it a home around the Christmas Tree or in church or maybe you go caroling, either way ‘Silent Night’ inevitably shows up on our Christmas playlist. Continue reading

Wednesday’s Lyrics – Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Wednesday’s Lyrics is back! 

I’m kind of addicted to Macklemore’s “Downtown” and as I was YouTube searching I came across an interview with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on the Ellen Degeneres show and they were talking about a song called “Same Love.”

So, I did a YouTube search for that and thought about a friend of mine who just last week told me he and his longtime boyfriend were getting married. I was so happy to hear it. “It’s about time,” was my response. Continue reading

Wednesday’s Lyrics – Jailer by Asa

Wednesday’s Lyrics is back! 

I remember the first time I heard this song. I was on my way to a meetup and it came on the radio. The music struck me immediately and after a few times of hearing the song and digesting the lyrics, I realized how powerful they are; which made me enjoy the song even more.

To find out more about Wednesday’s Lyrics click here and to add your post click the frog below.

Jailer by Asa

I’m in chains you’re in chains too
I wear uniforms and you wear uniforms too
I’m a prisoner,
You’re a prisoner too Mr Jailer

I have fears you have fears too
I will die, you sef go die too
Life is beautiful
Don’t you think so too Mr Jailer Continue reading