Bout of Books 30

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it’s time for Bout of Books 30. This is one of my favorite reading challenges because it’s low/no pressure. There are challenges that are optional, giveaways, and a grand prize.

Bout of Books is a one-week read-a-thon beginning Monday, January 4th at 12:01 am (your time zone) and ending Sunday, January 10th. There are challenges (optional), giveaways, and a grand prize.

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The Virtual Wheel Has Spun

The virtual Classics Club wheel was spun and it landed on lucky number

I was on pins and needles hoping the number picked would be a book I was anxious to read. Now, please take note I’m not ashamed to admit that I didn’t fully think this through, so I had to do some quick thinking/improvising/manipulating of the my list.

Woman what are you babbling about? You might be asking. Well, in my haste and excitement for creating my TBR for the Reading Classic Books challenge I’m hosting I only listed 12 books for the challenge prompts and neglected to come up with an additional 8.

Again, I didn’t think it through. And, having said that. Here is how I manipulated the list.

No. 1 became 13 

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Classics Club Spin #21

It’s that time again! Time for The Classics Club Spin #21.  I was on pins and needles the last Spin, hoping the number picked would be a book I was anxious to read. So, here we are again and the nerves are settling in AGAIN. 🙀

I’ve only been participating in the Spin since #17 and I have to say it’s not been a particularly great or fruitful experience, but I keep trying because there has got to be a classic that I haven’t read that I’m going to finish and enjoy.  Below is how my Spins have panned out so far.

  • Spin #20 – The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis was a DNF. Not sure it’s for good, but I have to admit I really didn’t care for it. And I never started The Problem of Pain
  • Spin #19 – Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achabe was a DNF. This one broke my heart. I really enjoyed this in high school, but for some reason I really didn’t care for it
  • Spin #19 – Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin was also a DNF. This was one of the last Baldwin works I haven’t read and oh my gosh I don’t even think I got 25% of the way through
  • Spin #17 – 1984 by George Orwell was chosen and I tried, but was not in the mood for dystopian literature. DNF’d but not for good

But, I’m going to give it a go – AGAIN!

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Discussion: School Required Reading

As a soon to be (as in 20 more credits) certified secondary school English teacher, I have been pondering this question:

What do you think about required reading lists in school?

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