Wednesday’s Lyrics – “Wake Me Up” by Aloe Blacc

Wednesday’s Lyrics is back for a new and exciting 2016! 

“Wake Me Up” by Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc is one of my favorite songs. I mean really how many of us have felt this way or told ‘you’ll understand when you’re older’ or how many of you are still finding yourself and holding on to  your hopes and dreams. Yes, we’ve all been there and perhaps are there today.

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“Wake Me Up” by Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc

Feeling my way through the darkness
Guided by a beating heart
I can’t tell where the journey will end
But I know where to start
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Wednesday’s Lyrics – Jailer by Asa

Wednesday’s Lyrics is back! 

I remember the first time I heard this song. I was on my way to a meetup and it came on the radio. The music struck me immediately and after a few times of hearing the song and digesting the lyrics, I realized how powerful they are; which made me enjoy the song even more.

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Jailer by Asa

I’m in chains you’re in chains too
I wear uniforms and you wear uniforms too
I’m a prisoner,
You’re a prisoner too Mr Jailer

I have fears you have fears too
I will die, you sef go die too
Life is beautiful
Don’t you think so too Mr Jailer Continue reading