Discussion: Reading Slump Hacks

It happens to all of us from time-to-time. The dreaded Reading Slump. I thought I’d share with you some ways/hacks I use to get out of mu reading slump.

    1. Set a goal. When I read I like to set goals. ATTAINABLE GOALS. I know I can read a couple of books a week, but the reality of that happening is slim to none. So, I set my reading goal at 4 books a month – 1 a week. Easy enough to achieve and if I read more than that awesome sauce!Set a daily page goal. I used to do this when I was college. Having to read upwards of 6 novels per semester. It helped me stay on top of my reading and it’s another Attainable Goal and seeing my progress that way makes me feel accomplished and it allows me some wiggle room to read more and if if I have to read less on a particular day, I know to add a few more pages in order to get back on track. Continue reading