Discussion: School Required Reading

As a soon to be (as in 20 more credits) certified secondary school English teacher, I have been pondering this question:

What do you think about required reading lists in school?

I’m torn on this question for two reasons (1) I like the idea of having a unified reading list and (2) I feel with a unified reading list there is no real sharing of ideas. Continue reading

Discussion: How Many Minutes Do You Read Per Day?

I started this blog as way to share my love of books and hopefully have some meaningful discussions about them. The latter very rarely happens, but that’s probably because posting reviews isn’t as common as I’d like it to be. Maybe one day I’ll tell you the introverted blogger story.

Anyway, I do read; but I don’t read every day. I usually find something else to do other than reading – like adulting or going down the Twitter and/or Instagram rabbit holes. So, I want to start a new habit or reignite an old habit. I used to read every day before going to bed. It was no less than 30 minutes and typically no more than 60, unless the book was too good to put down. Continue reading

Discussion: Middle Grade Controversy

A few days ago when I was at work a parent asked me what books could I recommend for her middle grader that didn’t have inappropriate content. Now, I’m pretty liberal when it comes to reading; so my first question to her, even though I already knew the answer was:

What do you deem inappropriate content?

Not trying to be a smart a$$, but the reality is Continue reading

Discussion: Reading Slump Hacks

It happens to all of us from time-to-time. The dreaded Reading Slump. I thought I’d share with you some ways/hacks I use to get out of mu reading slump.

    1. Set a goal. When I read I like to set goals. ATTAINABLE GOALS. I know I can read a couple of books a week, but the reality of that happening is slim to none. So, I set my reading goal at 4 books a month – 1 a week. Easy enough to achieve and if I read more than that awesome sauce!Set a daily page goal. I used to do this when I was college. Having to read upwards of 6 novels per semester. It helped me stay on top of my reading and it’s another Attainable Goal and seeing my progress that way makes me feel accomplished and it allows me some wiggle room to read more and if if I have to read less on a particular day, I know to add a few more pages in order to get back on track. Continue reading