Booking Through Thursday: Shakespeare

I haven’t felt much like blogging since I returned from Chicago. Much of that is in part because I developed a case of bronchitis that pretty much knocked me off my feet. So, I’m going to try and get back on track.

Thursday’s meme is Booking Through Thursday and the question is:

Okay, show of hands … who has read Shakespeare OUTSIDE of school required reading? Do you watch the plays? How about movies? Do you love him? Think he’s overrated?

In college I had to take an entire semester of Shakespeare, so I developed an appreciation for him. Since college, I have not just picked up a play and and said, “Let me read . . .” I have however, tried reading some of his sonnets. And I do mean try. I’m not that much into poetry, but I give a shot from time-to-time. Unless a Shakespearean poem is being read to me by the likes of Captain Jean Luke Picard, I typically don’t get it.

As far as going to the theatre to see his plays, I haven’t done that in a long time; which is completely unacceptable because we have the Shakespeare Theatre Company right here in DC as well as so many other venues that perform Shakepeare’s plays. One troop I want to see is Synetic Theatre. According to their website: Continue reading

A New Found Appreciation

booking through thursday

We all had to read lots of different things in school—some of which we liked, some of which we didn’t. Are there any authors that you’ve grown to love because you were introduced to them in your English Lit class? Or—the contrary. Are there any you hate because you were forced to read them? Did you ever go back to try them again?

As a former English Lit major, I’ve read lots of literature. I won’t say that I’ve grown to love him, but I have a greater appreciation for this author — Charles Dickens. I had to take a seminar class and the only one available was Dickens. Oh how I jumped for joy.

Even though I read Dickens in high school, we weren’t given a whole lot of background on him. Granted I could have gone to the library to get information, but I didn’t care for him; therefore I wasn’t going to expend the energy. However, my college professor gave a ton of background information on him and tied it in with each novel we read. Interesting stuff.

Why Don’t You Like Me? – Booking Through Thursday

booking through thursday

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme about books and reading.

Any books or authors you hate? Why? Is it the writing? The stories? The author’s personality? And—would you read their work anyway?

I don’t hate any authors per se, however there are quite a few I don’t particularly care for for one reason or another. But books on the hand — I have a few.

At the top of my list is Kathryn Stockett‘s The Help. I bought it, read it, and hated despised it. I’m not writing Stockett off since this is her first work, but at the same time I am somewhat leery of any further writings from her. I don’t even know where to begin, so here is an excerpt of my Goodreads review.

I felt her use of broken English for her African-American characters is severely flawed. I also didn’t like that Miss Skeeter is running around acting as if she tells the stories of these black maids that they will somehow be released from servitude and treated with respect.

It’s an easy read, which is surprisingly shocking considering the time frame and topic it covers. And, I guess that’s why I was able to breeze through chapters, but yet that is another reason why I can’t finish the damn thing. The Help didn’t give me anything substantive to take away.

Booking Through Thursday – Mystery

booking through thursday

This weeks Booking Through Thursday is all about Mysteries.

Do you read mystery novels? If so, why? Is it the mysteries themselves that appeal to you? The puzzle-solving? The murders? Or why don’t you read them? What about them doesn’t appeal?

I love to read mysteries. I’ve always enjoyed mysteries, which started with the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mystery series. I remembering gobbling them up at every opportunity; and thanks to Steig Larsson’s Mellenium Series, I’m addicted to Scandanavian mysteries, crime, thrillers, etc.

I really like figuring out whodunnit, but I don’t like having it solved before I’m even at the halfway point. If that happens it’s like truding through mud to try and finish it. But I love a mystery that really keeps me guessing and on my toes.

When I was introduced to this mystery series it was not through books, it was through the cartoon. Apparently there are over 100 books now that contain my favorite crime fighting dog, and hopefully yours too — Scooby-Doo. Every week Scooby-Doo and his band of crime solving pals would drive that Mystery Machine van right into a mystery. I loved figuring out the mysteries with them. Sometimes I got before the reveal, sometimes not.

I have to admit, I had a cartoon crush on Fred. ^^’ My favorite character and the one I could relate to the most is Velma. She’s the brains of the group. A book worm. She’s super smart and logical and yeah she managed to get herself into trouble, but figures a way out. And I could definitely relate to her not being able to see without her glasses.

And of course if you have any mystery book suggestions, please share them in the comments section.

What’s Your Price? – Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme about books and reading.

booking through thursday

This weeks meme is:

If I could give a brand new, really good book by your favorite author (living or dead) RIGHT NOW, what would you be willing to do for it?

Interesting question. It’s kind of like the Klondike commericial, “What would you do for a Klondike bar?”

I’m going to assume that this is a book that has either never been released or a rare copy. To be truthful, I have absolutely no idea. I don’t like to cook or clean, so that’s not something I would offer.

Perhaps take you to dinner at some fancy restaurant. After all we both have to eat.