Bout of Books 30

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it’s time for Bout of Books 30. This is one of my favorite reading challenges because it’s low/no pressure. There are challenges that are optional, giveaways, and a grand prize.

Bout of Books is a one-week read-a-thon beginning Monday, January 4th at 12:01 am (your time zone) and ending Sunday, January 10th. There are challenges (optional), giveaways, and a grand prize.

Bout of Books is organized by Amanda Shofner and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. For all Bout of Books 24 information, challenges and visit the Bout of Books blog.

For this Bout, I’ve decided to keep my goals simple.

Are you participating? What are you reading?

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3 thoughts on “Bout of Books 30

  1. Jorie December 30, 2020 / 10:27 pm

    Hallo, Hallo Erica,

    Ideally, I’d love to use this new #boutofbooks to jumpstart my reads for New Year’s… I’ve been in such a slump this year its been quite depressing. Started back in January 2020. I just started off wrong-footed and never felt truly righted again truth be told. I hadn’t even started to seek out which readathons, events or RALs are even happening in January…. then I spied this on my WP Reader (as I’m a subscriber to your blog; just apparently silently so, sorry!) — I used to do these ALL the time and then, eh. I think I backslid out of them after Dad’s stroke four years ago…

    I wonder… I liked how you said “start”, “read”, and “finish” – where your goals weren’t necssary *finish!* ALL THE BOOKS but seriously just ‘start’ where you are.. love that. Quite inspiring when you feel like your rowing against the tide like I am.

    Thanks for the nudge,… if I choose to join I’ll loop back and let you know. I’m still sorting out what I’m doing for #yearendreads tomorrow and then, New Year’s week.

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    • The Broken Spine December 30, 2020 / 10:40 pm

      Hi Jorie! First of all, I hope your father is doing better and I completely understand about not feeling right-footed. My theory is even if you a little bit of reading done under trying circumstances that’s a win.

      I’m glad I was able to nudge you a bit and I hope you are able to participate. And no need to be sorry about being a silent subscriber. I pretty inactive here in 2020, but hopefully that will change.

      I was definitely very intentional with the books I chose for this round. I have to finish Persephone Station for a review that’s due and I need to make sure I’m keeping up with The Count of Monte Cristo. The Subtle Art is for another project and it’s a book that I’m not really interested in reading, so I figured get it read and out of the way sooner rather than later.

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      • Jorie December 30, 2020 / 11:47 pm

        Ooh what a lovely response!! 🙂

        He is although he still has had an uphill climb back as moderate bilaterals are hard to recover from overall. I am thankful he’s come as far as he has and we’re hoping through different changes in our nutrition and new help / advice from his doctor who seems more receptive this year to aiding us in this goal, he’ll start to make continued progress rather than continue to collect deficits. I appreciated your concern.

        I just saw another blogger post her End of the Year Survey… I haven’t yet begun mine, as I’ve left so many of those drafted without publishing over the years, but this year, I thought since I’ve been in a bookish funk, it might be a way to resolve some of that and see which books made me smile, and which ones stood out – good, bad or indifferent. I like it because it helps you cycle back through your reading life and see what you’ve read and re-examine your reactions to those stories. For me its a good self-check and log of the past year’s reads. The post which I caught tonight was this one by Lindsey Reads.

        I agree with you! Just to read a few a month this year was a good foot forward but I missed that karmic joy in reading stories continuously through the year. Where you don’t feel unmotivated? Hard to put in words but its nice others are experiencing or had experienced it themselves. Somehow I managed to surface weekly/monthly on the blog though I posted an extraordinary amount of spotlights and/or guest features this year with less reviews. Though the interviews were smashing as I love talking with authors and gaining insights into their process.

        Thanks for understanding me as a subscriber. I always intend to improve my visibility as a reader of blogs. Some years I just feel I fall short of that goal.

        See? I love how you put purpose into those selections and I’ll keep that in mind when I go to stack the books I want to focus on myself. That’s wicked inspiring and very helpful when your in a rut like I am. OOh! Before I forget – Happy New Year, its nearly New Year’s Eve here!! *hugs*


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