Tsundoku Bingo Spring 2018

My apologies for not getting this up at the end of June, but there were so many things going on I didn’t have a chance to create a bingo board. So, this one is for August and September. Enjoy! and don’t forget to let me know how you’re coming along.

It’s time for the Summer Tsundoku Bingo. If you joined in for the Spring Tsundoku Bingo, I hope you had fun and were able to knock some of those books of your TBR pile. I would love to see what you’ve read and for what categories. Please feel free to share, so that I may add some more books to my reading list.

You don’t need a blog to join in the reading fun. If you plan on doing the challenge just say so in the comments.

The Rules:

♦ There will be a new bingo board every quarter: July/August/September

♦ You know how bingo works – get 5 across, horizontal, or diagonal or if you want just work your way through the board during the quarter. The FREE SPACE bookworm is your opportunity to choose any book you want to read.

♦ Sorry, you can’t use the same book for multiple squares

♦ And yes the books you read for Tsundoku bingo can overlap with other reading challenges


4 thoughts on “Tsundoku Bingo Spring 2018

    • The Broken Spine July 29, 2018 / 6:15 pm

      Do join in! 🙂 I’ve plotted my reading course and think I may have chosen my books well. I’ll be able to knock a few more off the TBR and tick a few off my reading challenges.


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