[I]maginary Bookstore

Oh my, I can’t believe it’s already April 10th and we are 1/3 of the way through Blogging from A-Z. Today post is brought to you by the letter


Create an imaginary book store of your own and write about it

There was a Goodreads question a little while ago which asked, ‘If you had a bookstore what would you call it?’ And that got me thinking really, What if I had a bookstore? Would it be like the bookstore I work at? Would it be like one of my favorite go-tos? Would I sell both new and used books?

So, I sat down and imagined my bookstore. I imagined the location, the building, the set up. . .

Well take a look at it for yourselves.

I realize there are no bathrooms, but there would be one in the Kids area, one on the first floor and another in the restaurant/cafe (that will have happy hour).

There will be lots of comfy chairs, lots and lots of bookshelves, bookshelves in the restaurant/cafe so you can do a bit of reading while you wait for your meal, a reading room with a think a computer or two.

So, what do you think? Is this a bookstore you’d like to visit? What would do you imagine your ideal bookstore looking like?

Oh yeah, and, in that big open space in the middle behind customer service I’d love to have a trampoline or a rock wall.

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