On the 5th Day of Christmas – Gifts

On the fifth day of Christmas Santa gave to me some bookish gift ideas to share.

Bookish Gifts

A self professed lover of books and anything books, I find that whenever someone asks me what type of gift I want for Christmas, birthday or whatever my reply will always be something bookish.

So, if you’re looking for something to get your bookworm check out these gift ideas. And they’re all under $25.

  1. A bookish tote bag. What book lover doesn’t want something to carry their books in? And show off at the same that they love to read.

2. For those late nights when your book lover should be sleeping instead of reading a nice bookish mug would be nice. I mean really we still need that cup of Joe to get us to the end of the chapter.

3. And while your purchasing that mug how about a bookish pillow to help prop up your bookworm. He/she deserves to be extra comfortable while doing some marathon reading and plus it’s a pretty cook talking point when visitor’s come over.

4. If your book lover is anything like me he/she may like to read with a nice scented candle burning. And guess what there are some sweet smelling bookish themed candles out there. So, when you get that pillow don’t forget to pick up a candle too.

Etsy: formandflux store

5. I like fun accessories and what’s more fun than a bookish phone case. After all your book lover will undoubtedly be reading verses checking their phone.


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