Weekend Coffee Share: 30-Day Reading Challenge Update

Alright, it’s official, I have the attention span of a gnat. I planned to do weekly updates on the progress of my 30-Day Reading challenge, but to be perfectly honest as of today there really isn’t much to report.

A quick recap. My goal was to read 60 pages per day and read:

  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
  • Dracula by Bram Stoker
  • White is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi
  • The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Louis Stevenson
  • Songs of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe by Thomas Ligotti

Which would total 1800 pages for the month. Not bad, right? 

Um, yeah right?

Drum roll, please.🥁🥁 Here is the official breakdown.

Books read:
0, goose egg, nada, zilch

Pages read:
150 (give or take)

Let me ‘splain why I’m so incredibly behind.

  1. I moved. And wasn’t really thinking when I was packing. So, I packed up the books I was supposed to read. As of this writing, they are sitting in a warehouse somewhere waiting to be delivered to their new address.
  2. I apparently have a library book problem
  3. As stated in the first sentence, I have the attention span of a gnat

Numbers 1 and 3 are pretty self-explanatory so I won’t go into them, but you will get a better understanding of the gnat thing later on in the post.

So on to number 2. I love to support my local library. When I arrived in Maryland I went to the library to renew my card and checked out a few of the books I packed up (Dracula, The Haunting of Hill House and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde).

You may be wondering what my library problem is.

Here it is.

I’m very particular about my books. Most if not all of the books I own look new/gently, very gently used. I went to the library knowing full well that the books were going to show signs of being read, but some of the wear I couldn’t get past – torn pages and covers. They only had Mass Market in Dracula and Dr. Jekyll and I can’t stand Mass Market. I don’t like the way they feel in my hand and the pages feel cheap. And because I’m getting older my eyes say, ‘Oh, Hell no!’ to the font.

In spite of their appearance I go ahead and check them out because I didn’t want to get behind. On my way out I spied with my little eye graphic novels of Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. I flipped through them and was intrigued. Checked those out, too.

If I wanted to, I could count them towards my challenge, but I don’t want to because . . .

Keep reading.

They both left something to be desired.

I breezed through Dr. Jekyll in a couple hours and thought to myself now I gotta take this crap back to the library. Not a fan of burning books, but on a cold winter’s night this heap of mess could help keep the fire going. It was pretty bad.

And Frankenstein. .  . If you feel so inclined to read my Goodreads review please do. Once I finish the novel I’ll do a full review of the novel and the graphic novel. Anyway, the only thing I’ll say about this is I was underwhelmed and disappointed.

I decided not read either the Frankenstein or Dr. Jekyll novels since I had just read the graphic novels and started reading Dracula. Didn’t get too far into that because some of the pages were so tattered, so I picked up Frankenstein the novel, but the only thing I could see was that damn graphic novel. Bummed because Frankenstein is one of my all-time favorites.

Since Frankenstein was a bust, I moved on to Viet Than Nguyen’s The Refugees and didn’t get very far in that. Read 2 of 8 short stories. I then picked up Neil Gaiman’s Coraline and read a whopping 10 pages before putting it aside. And, finally, in my infinite wisdom, I checked out Hillbilly Elegy (eBook) by J.D. Vance and Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan.

So, ah, yeah not a whole lot of reading going on.

What are you reading, not reading?


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