Weekly Smile: Discovering Something New

I haven’t done one of these in a long time. Actually, I don’t ever recall doing one on this blog.

Anyway, Weekly Smile hosted by Trent over at Trent’s World and the premise is simple: share something or some things that made you smile during the week.

Mine was looking for a concert to go when I come back from Maryland, and I found these fellas are playing at my local amphitheater; which is pretty cool because it’s the same day I go for my flute lesson (I decided to start playing again). Don’t worry if the two don’t correlate for you. Just smile, nod your head and go with it.

So, what made you smile this week? 🙂

7 thoughts on “Weekly Smile: Discovering Something New

  1. Music is another thing that makes me smile and these guys are amazing. I play the violin, although I’ve only learned as an adult for 4 years so am no maestro, Learning, has given me a much greater appreciation and understanding as an audience member.
    My dog brings me loads of smiles.
    xx Rowena

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    • Indeed Sandra. You must watch some of their other videos. I know I spent about a half hour watching various videos. And as a former/soon to be again musician it pained me to see their bows shredding like that. But inspite of that I loved it. Will be purchasing my ticket to see live when I come back from Maryland.


    • HI Trent, no this blog isn’t new. I’ve had it for nearly 3 years. Life happened in so many ways this year that I have not been focusing on my other blog and/or visiting other blogger friends. Having said that I’m hoping things will start to settle down soon.

      Anyway, I decided to take up this blog again as an escape and a coping mechanism to what’s going on right now. And that’s another reason I decided to take up the flute again.


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