Stacking the Shelves – End of June

My last Stacking the Shelves encompassed the books I procured during May and mid-June and since then I have managed to acquire a few more.

I love, love going to the used book sales, especially the library book sales. Oh, the treasures.

I have a technique. One that’s been admired by men and women alike. I start in one spot, check out the tops of the tables and then move on to the boxes on the floor under the tables and sometimes there are boxes stacked on top of boxes. Many times, I was rummaging in boxes under a table with my rump up in the air.  I can’t tell you how many bookish treasures I’ve found underneath those tables.

I swear there was a fella stalking me and he said as much, “I like your search style. I hope you don’t mind me looking over your shoulder.” Mind you at the time this was said I was searching in a box under a table and my rump was in the air. Therefore, there was no possible way he could see what was in that box.

Day 1 of Library Book Sale

  • With My Dog-Eyes by Hilda Hilst. I had never heard of her and I’m glad I came across this little treasure
  • The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. I discovered here when I was looking for East Indian writers to help diversify my reading
  • In the Pond by Ha Jin. I have one Ha Jin book, Waiting, and it’s on my TBR list and is waiting (cornball pun intended) patiently to be read
  • The Samurai’s Garden by Gail Tsukiyama. I have 2012 novel A Hundred Flowers, which I was fortunate to procure at the Library book sale last year
  • Lady Chatterley’s Love by D. H. Lawrence. I thought I had still had my old college copy, but alas no. Anyway, I jumped on this copy because it’s in immaculate condition
  • In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. I’ve been eyeing this book for the past year but refused to pay full price for it. And at $3.00 for a hardback how could I refuse.
  • Ruby by Cynthia Bond. This author caught  my eye: 1) because again I was am looking to diversify my reading, and 2) the story

Day 2 of Library Book Sale

  • The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli – I feel slightly ashamed to admit I’ve never read this book
  • Siddhartha by Herman Hesse – I’ve heard a lot of good things about Siddhartha, but again it’s one of those books I wanted want to read but didn’t want to pay full price for
  • The Buddha in the Attic by Julie Otsuka – I have Otsuka’s When the Emperor Was Divine, which I had gotten at the library book sale last year and yep as part of the diversify effort
  • Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro – I”v been wanting this book for some time and seeing it at the book sale for a whopping $2.00 how could I possibly pass it up
  • The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco – My boyfriend and I have been talking about reading a book together and unbeknownst to the other we both found what looked like new copies of this book, so we decided to read this one together. Now everyone says it together: AWWW!
  • Room by Emma Donoghue – I waivered on this book primarily for the subject matter, but decided to get it because it came up as a book club suggestion and I’m sure it’ll hit sometime soon.
  • Almanac of the Dead by Leslie Marmon Silko – The only novel I’m familiar with by Silko is Ceremony and I’m looking forward to cracking this one open.

I work at a bookstore and we get ARCs on a regular basis and I rescued the following books from their impending doom – the trash.  All three are in my genre wheelhouse – Mystery/Thriller/Suspense.

The Cuban Affair by Nelson DeMille is scheduled for release in September and features an exciting new character—US Army combat veteran Daniel “Mac” MacCormick, now a charter boat captain, who is about to set sail on his most dangerous cruise.

The Fallen by Ace Atkins is the 7th novel in the Quinn Colson series and I’m hoping I can read this one without having read the others. It’s scheduled release date is July 18th.

A Twist of the Knife by Becky Masterman is the 3rd novel in the Brigid Quinn Series and again I’m hoping that I can read this one without having read the others. This was released in

So, there you have it my book haul for June.

What books did you get this week (purchased, ARC’s, gifts, etc.)? And don’t forget to check what others are stacking their shelves with.

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