Top Ten Tuesday 2/7

This is a blast from the Top Ten Tuesday past. It was Top Ten Tuesday Rewind and the hosts picked the following topic for their top ten. I liked it and here we have it.

Which authors/characters would you love to have a Twitter account?
  1. Mark Twain – What would he say about the goings on of the world today?
  2. Charles Dickens – Do we think he craft something in a 120 characters or less?
  3. Jane Eyre – I truly think she would put everyone on blast. Plain Jane no more
  4. Shakespeare – A Shakespearian Haiku anyone?
  5. James Joyce – I wonder if the majority of his Tweets would resemble Finnegan’s Wake
  6. God – Maybe He and Mark Twain would have a battle of the Tweets
  7. Dr. Jekyll and/or Mr. Hyde – Since they’re one in the same, it would interesting to discover which one made what tweet
  8. Virginia Woolf – Will dazzle us with her stream of consciousness Tweets
  9. The March Hare from Alice in Wonderland – His tea parties are to die for
  10. The Ring from Lord of the Rings – Oh the stories that ring must have

One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday 2/7

  1. BookerTalk February 7, 2017 / 2:56 pm

    It would indeed be a challenge to Dickens to confine his ideas to 140 characters


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