Who am I? Why am I here?

UPDATE: I started Blogging 101 in January, however wasn’t able to finish it. So, here I am again and I’ve decided not recreate the wheel as this post is still very much relevant.

I’ve had this blog for a while now and have posted sporadically.

I’m participating in WordPress’ Blogging U 101: Zero to Hero and our first assignment was to introduce yourself.

So, who am I? and Why am I here?

This is like what came first the chicken or the egg because I don’t know which question to tackle first. They’re both interrelated – at least for me anyway. I often ask myself, ‘Who the hell are you?’ and ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ Well, I’m all grow’d up and there are times when I haven’t a clue who I am or what I want to be or why I’m here.

The truth of the matter is, who I am is much more complicated than what I could explain to you without boring you to tears.

So, who am? My name is Erica, but please for the love of. . . call me E-. I’m smart, sassy, sarcastic, a little bit rock-n-roll and a little bit country pop. I speak my mind. I’m charming, witty, loving and caring in my way. I’m witty and have a wicked and dry sense of humor. And for the purpose of this blog – a voracious reader. Kind of.

My reading slowed down went extinct when I went back to school and now that I have a bit of free time I’d like to breathe some life into this here blog.

I haven’t found my review style yet. It’s still pretty academic, which is what I’m trying to break away from. I was and English/Lit major in undergrad, so I read for analysis not enjoyment.

There’s a book called: How to Read Literature Like a Professor. Ah. No problems there. What I need is a book that will reprogram me in how to read a book like a normal human being after spending 4 years of reading like a professor. Or better yet a book that teaches me a happy medium.

But until then, please bear with me. And of course let me know your thoughts. Did I help you make up your mind as to whether or not to read a book? Do you agree or disagree with the review? Or perhaps you have something you’d like to add. But most importantly, I hope you enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Who am I? Why am I here?

  1. My reading declined so much once high school started as well… I’m not the best at analysis, but I always find it interesting so I think I’ll enjoy both forms of book reviews! 🙂


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