The Domino Effect

Alright, I haven’t made a new post in a week and it’s not from want of trying.  I have literally been experiencing the domino effect and it’s all because of Hurricane Sandy. At least that’s what I’m going to blame it all on.


I’m pretty sure many of you have heard of Hurricane Sandy and if you live on the East Coast you became intimately acquainted with her.  Hurricane Sandy aka Frankenstorm or Super Storm wasn’t your usual hurricane, but I’m not going to try to pretend to know what a usual hurricane is like and I would be foolish to try to give you the technical details about this ‘unusual’ hurricane.  All I know for sure is there was a winter storm approaching from the Midwest that could collide with the tropical — Hurricane Sandy and if that happened then it would create Frankenstorm (a Halloween pun, I’m sure).  Well they collided.

Anyway, I, in my infinite wisdom didn’t believe this was going to amount to anything and as a result of said infinite wisdom didn’t do a lot of preparation.  I got the basics — gas, cash, a few basic food items.  Friday comes and the weather forecasters are really playing up the hurricane and telling people to make sure they stock up on necessities.  I head on into work and everyone is all a buzz and as the day progresses people are really starting to freak out over this and wonder why I’m not phased by it.  Granted we don’t get this kind of weather in the DC area often, but we’re no strangers to bad weather either; so I plainly say, “I just don’t think it’s going to amount to much.”  Well, open mouth, insert foot, and if you can fit the other one in please do so.

Some of us stay behind on Friday to catch up on a few things as a precaution.  You know just in case we won’t be able to make it in.  Remember me mentioning my infinite wisdom earlier? I used it again and decided what I needed to do was go home and get my weekend started.

If you had been following the news or live in the DC area — that is if you still had power after the high winds  Sunday night  — then you know the Federal Government was closed and there was no public transportation on Monday, therefore my office decided to close.

WooHoo no work for me!  Let’s do the Happy Dance!


Well, now hold on there partner.  Aren’t you forgetting something?

My presentation.  It’s not finished yet.  Granted I don’t have a lot left to do, but I hate rushing presentations.  Blast you Sandy and damn my faulty infinite wisdom!  Maybe the presentation will be postponed since we were closed.  Wishful thinking right?  So, just to be on the safe side,  I decide to login remotely and can’t.  Blast! Sandy and her infernal winds.  But I’m not to sure it even mattered as the lights started flickering.  And soon thereafter the power goes out.

Oh well,  then I thought I’ll knock it out before lunch time on Tuesday.  Foiled again.  Federal government is closed for the second day in a row and metro is not operating .  Now of course by this time I’m cursing Hurricane Sandy, Frankenstorm, Supper Storm, or whatever you want to call it, instead of my own stubbornness to believe the weather forecasters and prepare for it (i.e. staying to finish it).

So, now it’s Wednesday. Thankfully the presentation has been postponed to the following week.  The power is still out, but that’s okay.  I can totally get dressed in the dark.  Please don’t laugh at the chick struttin’ down the street, who thinks she’s cute with one brown boot on and one black boot on.

I wake up Thursday feeling as though a Mack truck has run over me and decided it had to do it again before it was sure I was out for the count.  I try to go work, but end up at the doctor instead.  Good thing too.  I have a viral infection on top of a sinus infection and if that’s not bad enough tonsillitis.  What the frack?

At least my presentation is done.

It could be worse.  Right?

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